Composed Tracks List

1998 Eternal Memories
2001.08.25 The End of the Summer
2001 KOU-YOU
2005.03 キリンの首が長くなった日
2007 Let me hear your voice
2009.06.06 音楽劇: 白雪姫 M5~M8
2011.04.18 One
2012.04.10 少年と女 Original Soundtrack
2012.08.27 Doping Corpse
2012.09.11 Low Flying
2013.10.08 Jack in the box
2014.08.08 森林欲 Original Soundtrack
2015.01.28 焦げる前に Original Soundtrack
2016.02.25 愛を語るには3万年早い Original Soundtrack
2016.08.01 Don’t Miss a Chance!
2017.01.11 ボーダーライン (titled by Mizuki Koto)
2017.02.11 Piano Trio No.1 “Billedbog uden Billeder”
2017.04.11 ダムに行くの!
2017.07.03 purgation
2017.11.29 昇華 (titled by Shimizu Mami)
2018.01.25 Ryoma Quitan III Original Soundtrack
2018.02.03 Standing on the Earth -edition; 2018-
(焦げる前に Original Soundtrack)
2018.02.09 水たまりとオレンジ (titled by Ishihara Sae)
2018.02.09 pm.奏 (titled by Ishihara Sae)
2018.02.09  (titled by Ishihara Sae)
2018.02.15 Harbinger
2018.10.08 Nox Atra(titled by 化面狂奏戯樂)
2018.12.09 大切なあなただから
lyric: 泉堅, music; 泉条二/大沼弘基, arrange; 大沼弘基

Works in Musical Academy

2005 Bagatelles for solo piano
2005 Rebellion of Cells for Wind Quintet
2005 Jealousy Cats for Wind Quintet
2006 Sonata in E-flat major for Clarinet and Piano
2006 Colours (in serialism) for solo piano
2006 Cleaire for Oboe and String Quintet
from “Green Leaves ~断罪の騎士~”
2006 metamorfozen from 3 Omnibus Movements for Eight Hands
2006 3 prose poems for Flute and Oboe
2007 In Summer Wind for solo piano
2007 Chamber Concerto
2007 Sonatine
~theme from Kalevi Aho’s Fagotto Quntett~
2008 田中組曲 for Horn and Piano
2008 Piano Concerto
2008 Sonata in E-moll for Flute and Piano
2008 mixture dimension
for 4 voices, 4 clarinets and String Quartet
2008 Sextet for Clarinet in B♭, String Quartet and Piano

Early Works

2 scketches ~時の足跡~ for solo piano
Première Sonata pour Piano in d-moll
Deuxième Sonata pour Piano in cis-moll Allegro energico
Lieu Géométrique d’Azur for solo piano