purgation for electronics (2017)

Trio for Violin, VIoloncello and Piano (2017)

Sextet for Clarinet in B♭, String Quartet and Piano

mixture dimension for 4 voices, 4 clarinets and String Quartet

Sonata in E-moll for Flute and Piano

Piano Concerto

田中組曲 for Horn and Piano

Sonatine ~theme from Kalevi Aho’s Fagotto Quntett~

Chamber Concerto

In Summer Wind for solo piano

3 prose poems for Flute and Oboe

metamorfozen from 3 Omnibus Movements for Eight Hands

Cleaire for Oboe and String Quintet from “Green Leaves ~断罪の騎士~”

Colours (in serialism) for solo piano

Sonata in E-flat major for Clarinet and Piano

Jealousy Cats for Wind Quintet

Rebellion of Cells for Wind Quintet

Bagatelles for solo piano

Lieu Géométrique d’Azur for solo piano

Deuxième Sonata pour Piano in cis-moll Allegro energico

Première Sonata pour Piano in d-moll

2 scketches ~時の足跡~ for solo piano

Composed Track List(under construction)